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09/05/2021, 2:32 AM
I wrote a live repl for imp. Still very much a hacky prototype, but it feels fun already.
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For silly web reasons the video player volume defaulted to 0 - so in case you missed it the first time there is actually a voiceover explaining what the hell is going on.

Kartik Agaram

09/07/2021, 2:40 PM
Did you have to rerecord it, or do I need to change any settings? I'm still unable to hear anything. It might be an issue on my side. (I'm currently travelling with my "Mu" computer, which runs Arch Linux and has lots of flakiness.) I am able to hear sound in other videos on Youtube and Vimeo, though..


09/08/2021, 7:01 PM
Apparently the recorded volume is very low so you might have to turn it up a lot. I have no idea why, and it sounds fine on my machine so it's hard to judge whether a given change has fixed it or not. :S
@Kartik Agaram I believe I've fixed the sound now (max volume has gone from -29db to -2db)
If you couldn't hear it the first time round, the voiceover for this video should be audible now (I borrowed a few phones and laptops to verify).
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