Hi all. I've recently met many from this communit...
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Hi all. I've recently met many from this community who have recommended I post here (Shout out to @Breck Yunits and @stevekrouse and @szymon_k). Me: I'm Michael Gummelt, a Stanford alum and former co-founder of Heap Analytics. I've written here about the future of the low-code market. Product: My new company, Plato, is a low-code platform for building internal tools. You can think of it as if Retool and Airtable had a beautiful baby. Unlike Retool, it's built for citizen developers. Unlike Airtable, it integrates with a company's existing databases and APIs. And unlike any product, it innovates primarily through features for Programming by Example. I believe the only way to democratize computing is by letting users think concretely rather than symbolically. Company: Our customers are ops teams at tech-enabled services companies in sectors like financial services, logistics, and healthcare. I just raised a $2M round from SV Angel, the former CTO of Dropbox, the co-founder of Quora, and lots of others. Job: I'm looking for a founding engineer eager to democratize computing and earn a lot of equity. If you or someone you know is interested, hit me up at mgummelt@plato.io and I'll show you a demo!
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Nice introductory blog post @Michael Gummelt , firmly believe in the vision to remove the line between app and programming environment. Curious to see more!
Once we're public I'll post a demo!