New video about my browser for FoC archives (5 min...
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New video about my browser for FoC archives (5 minutes): You can try it out by downloading two files (and installing Qemu): • Then:
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gunzip foc-data-20210814.img.gz
gunzip mu-browser-20210815.img.gz
qemu-system-i386 -m 2G -hda mu-browser-20210815.img -hdb foc-data-20210814.img
Main project page:
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The Mu computer's FoC archive browser now renders most Unicode. See the before/after images below. I'm loading 140KB of Unicode glyphs from its system font. Unicode blocks now supported: latin, greek, cyrillic, armenian, hebrew, arabic, syriac, thaana, n'ko, indian (ISCII), sinhala, thai, lao, tibetan, myanmar, georgian (< U+1100) While this is useful in a mostly-English corpus, there are caveats for more intensive use cases: • No support for combining characters yet. This makes support for the other languages I know (Hindi and Tamil, which use _matras_) well-nigh useless. • GNU Unifont's glyphs for the non-Latin languages I know turn out to be quite spectacularly ugly.
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If my name comes up in a search for Einstein, there’s something wrong with your software ;-)
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"Schr00f6dinger" is his Xbox Live gamertag
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Support for combining characters that plumbs new depths of mediocrity: (see the alt text on the image attachment)
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