# thinking-together

Dan Cook

02/27/2019, 5:54 AM
I say visual is*definitely* involved, but more than just good visualization of something static. I think the medium itself (code, structure, etc.) needs to evolve into something better and more dynamic. ... But yes, it will need good visual representation beyond text

Cyril Hansen

02/28/2019, 12:35 PM
If chinese like ideograms would be involved would that counts for the textual or visual category ?

Cyrus Omar

03/01/2019, 10:36 PM
text-like structure editor with visual representations of expressions of those types for which a visual representation makes sense!
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Tim Swast

03/07/2019, 8:15 PM
I see visual / textual as different projections of the same model, just as "math" isn't entirely visual or textual. Geometry & algebra are two ways to study the same underlying models. It seems we need visual representations for intuition, but textual representations can be very helpful in making them more precise.