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https://twitter.com/quelsolaar/status/1280275143261138945?s=21 this guy has been doing really interesting stuff since at least 2008. will be interesting to see where it goes
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These libraries are all written in plain C code. They appear to make reference to OpenGL. Unfortunately these libraries have almost zero comments, so it will be rough going. Had this guy been working for me, he would have been spanked for not documenting the parameter meanings and purpose of the function, which is by far the most important documentation to include. Some of the code does file traversal, and decoding of bitmap data and recoding into source code for compilation later, tessellation of things. There might be bits and pieces of value, but alas like most people's work it is not easy to share components as things are part of a system. C was not a language that facilitated interchangeable parts.
it was a personal project and he’s starting documentation now
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