hey <!channel> Garth and I just finished planning ...
# in-boston
hey <!channel> Garth and I just finished planning the meetup I described above 🙂 Next Tuesday, July 23rd from 6 - 9 PM in Kendall Square. This document has all the details you need: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AVJaqVmaChJFQPbsTWWRApVy0BEjSzq8FIETixgQRGI/edit# Note: If you want to join us, you’ll need to give us your name so the concierge can let you in. Please comment on this thread with your name (they may check ID’s, so something that ~matches the name there) or DM me if you’re more comfortable!
Thanks for organizing! I plan on coming. My name is Jacob Haip
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Myself if I can make it
I'm planning to go.
adding you to the list @Michael Ballantyne
I'll be there
great @Jonathan Schuster you’re on the “approved list” by the space! See y’all tonight 🙂
thanks to everyone who came out today! It was great meeting everyone 🙂