<!channel> hey y’all. We enjoyed meeting everyone ...
# in-boston
<!channel> hey y’all. We enjoyed meeting everyone who showed up and @Garth Goldwater and I have started to think about the next one. Based on the feedback from the first meeting, it seemed like we wanted to try a mix of: - Showcase work in progress stuff (or just neat demos of things you’ve found online you’re inspired by) - Discuss a specific topic, with links to reading materials beforehand so everyone can get context (and people who have 0 interest in the topic can feel comfortable skipping) I think the next step here is to get topic suggestions for everyone for the Discuss piece. Then, we can do a quick Slack poll and converge on a topic (or 2!) If you’d like to propose a topic for discussion, please comment on this thread!
cc @ajzaff @Michael Ballantyne @Jonathan Schuster @jonathoda @Garth Goldwater @Glen Chiacchieri What topic has been on your mind? What could we discuss at our next meetup? 🙂