I've noticed that sometimes I see something intere...
# administrivia
I've noticed that sometimes I see something interesting here that I need to read or think about, but coming back to it, to re-read or reply, doesn't happen 'cos it's lost by then. But NOW! I've discovered (after all these years at work and home!) the "Save for Later" bookmarking system here! That little ribbon icon puts the individual post into "Later", top-right. Apologies if I'm the last one to find it.
this is new as of march 2023. or at least an improvement is new where they made this easier to find and use https://slack.com/help/articles/13453851074067-Save-it-for-Later
Oh wow, that explains it. Thanks!
I ended up with dozens of things in the "Save for Later" — which honestly was too stressful. 🤣