Hi everyone, I’m Alexey :wave: ! I work at Novoic ...
# introduce-yourself
Hi everyone, I’m Alexey 👋 ! I work at Novoic as a founding engineer. Moved to London 5 years ago from Amsterdam to join Meta. Currently investigating AI & Vector databases to find the best applications of the technology for DX. Joined the community by recommendation from @kelset. Looking forward to meet all of you at the next meetup, learn from your experience and brainstorm ideas together 🤝
welcome! you can find the London stuff here #in-london
OOoh; you should check out http://trychroma.com if you haven’t yet 🙂
yeah, I started my journey from Chroma 🙂 Then I switched to Pinecone (for simplicity) and then to weaviate for hybrid and generative search. It is a very competitive space and I truly enjoy the competition and speed 😛