# introduce-yourself

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin

05/14/2023, 5:33 PM
Hello. I'm Beni, from Israel. Work at Red Hat. Been lurking (podcast, newsletter, link-walking) for ~2 years. Interested in all the ways in which open source ostensibly allows user modification of software but falls short of making it approachable. Love esoteric languages [making me a poor judge of what's approachable 😆]. Obsessed with Boxer; dream of stealing some ideas from it into a unix window/file manager, but 100% vaporware at this point.
(to be clear I've had nothing to do with the linked "Flip to Hack" effect in Endless OS linux distro. It's just a symbolic tip-of-the-iceberg in 100% open software we ship on the desktop catching up to how even proprietary websites are de-facto more hackable with browser webtools 🤦)

Kartik Agaram

05/14/2023, 8:32 PM
Whoa, how have I not heard of until now?! Thanks for the tip! Compare Also in case you missed it in your link-walking.


05/28/2023, 1:52 PM
Hi Beni! I’m Yair and you might recognize me from two decades ago when we worked in the same org 🙂 I’m also interested in the same idea among other things and approaching it from starting from making a good PL that is more approachable and farther in the future hopefully ending up with something that can also be a good working environments for end-users. More info at 🙂

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin

05/28/2023, 2:19 PM
Howdy Yair👋 Sure enough, i've been following your Lamdu videos. And lots of Kartik's stuff, and found recently.