Hey everyone, I'm Daniel. I write code for a livin...
# introduce-yourself
Hey everyone, I'm Daniel. I write code for a living, and consider my life's mission to leave the place better than I found it. I have no memory of how I found Future of Coding, but I think possibly while desperately searching for coding-related podcasts with deep content. While the actual F of C isn't something I'm extremely interested in per se, I have an intellectual/philosophical streak that makes observing these kinds of discussions really enjoyable. I first listened to the Naur episode and found it incredible, and quite illuminating of the Present of Coding. I was born in Australia and have lived in a few other places around the world, but currently based in Sydney. I consider myself a Quaker with significant Christian influence. My influences at the moment are Jacques Ellul, Christopher Alexander, Ursulas Franklin and Le Guin, Karl Popper via David Deutsch, and Sandi Metz. Looking forward to lurking and hopefully, when so moved, providing small contributions of some value :)
Oh, and I should say, the member handbook page is brilliant! Really appreciated this way of being introduced to the community.
Thank you for the lovely introduction, and for the kind words about the podcast and handbook. I'm glad you've found your way here, and hope you find some of our discussions worth weighing in on yourself, if you're so inclined. You'll find we're similarly a group of philosophically-minded folks who have pretty varied interpretations of what this whole "future" of "coding" thing even means, so feel free to raise any and all questions about the premise.