Hi all, I'm also from the Rands Leadership Slack. ...
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Hi all, I'm also from the Rands Leadership Slack. I'm a software engineer by trade (CTO of a small securities analysis startup) and thinker of idle computing thoughts by impulse.
For folks wondering (as I did) what the Rands Leadership Slack is about, it looks like it's the Slack for Rands in Repose. For folks who don't know Rands in Repose, it's a blog that is, somewhat, about the management of software teams. But it's also about a bunch of other stuff. It's one of the great blogs (like Kottke and Daring Fireball) that has been running since the earliest days of blogging. For folks who do know of Rands (the blog) and Michael Lopp (the person), you might also know of Merlin Mann. I will miss no opportunity to mention that Merlin is a huge inspiration, and his ideas about podcasting are foundational in my approach to the medium.
(If it's not obvious from context, the above was directed at other folks here looking for context on the two recent posts in this channel. I should also take a moment to say — Welcome @Benji York and @George Mauer! Sorry to stuff this greeting in a parenthetical, but that's just the broom closet we find ourselves in today. It's a good day.)