Hello. Just got invited while talking literate cod...
# introduce-yourself
Hello. Just got invited while talking literate coding over on the Rands Leadership Slack. Been doing dev since my early teens in the 90s and coding professionally since 2005ish. Currently a Director of software Engineering at BlocPower where I moved recently, here's a blog post I wrote about my job hunt http://georgemauer.net/2022/11/20/job-hunt-2022-retrospective.html I'm a big fan of emacs as it demonstrates how far our tools are from where they could be. I use org-mode daily to do all sorts of stuff. In fact I did a talk on it at the last emacsconf (search for org workflows for developers)
I've not read the "Strategy and Job search evolution" section, but your article about your job search was resonated strongly with me.
Thank you Benji. It's almost surprising how me simply stating that I have opinions on hiring translates into really deep discussions