A couple of links from <the Noosphere Discord>, ju...
# linking-together
A couple of links from the Noosphere Discord, just because sharing links is how I add them to my brain: • https://www.jerrysbrain.comhttps://interconnected.org/home/2023/01/20/map_room
Can you.. concisely summarize what Noosphere is? Skimming their public-facing material and it's all a bit.. inscrutable.
I am inscruted by it.
I have noose fear, sure, but who doesn't?
I can't quite tell either. My best guess: it's the idea of sister wikis (https://wiki.c2.com/?AboutSisterSites) rethought for a world 20 years later, with IPFS and a few other things. Mostly I'm there because Gordon Brander posts fun links.
@Kartik Agaram ha same
I saw Jerry facilitate conversations on stage at a TfT one-day conf at Betaworks NYC, Gordan Brander had presented Noosphere too. Jerry and his 2nd brain are seamless. It's kind of amazing to watch live. He's been at it for so long that there really is decades of connections at his fingertips and he uses the brain to deepen the conversation and the conversation to add to the brain, and he's able to do it without breaking presence/flow somehow.