A simple concept to manage lists, where users can ...
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A simple concept to manage lists, where users can build up a knowledge base (stored in Local Storage), and by importing/exporting JSON files can keep that knowledge base in sync with each other, the goal here is 'what is the most simple yet functional way of managing lists of information' https://listmanager.dev/ Would love anyone to riff on this idea, or ideas about how to add programmability into it, while maintaining the minimalist approach.
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very elegant approach when thinking about use-cases this may have for myself, Text2MindMap comes to mind
To introduce "programmability" to config / data, I always recommend CUE (cuelang.org) CUE is a logical language, with one matra that goes "wrap code in data, not data in code". It has several more mantra or philosophies. So while you will be introducing "programmability", you will not be introducing "computability" (i.e. a turing complete language) Doing so opens a can of worms and makes building tooling to query / manipulate so much harder, if not impossible
I like the UI and animations
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@Gabriel Grinberg thanks! that's a neat tool, bookmarked! @Tony Worm appreciate the perspective, going to do some more thinking here - in the meantime, I added the ability to render a list as HTML by clicking
in the top menu. This let me build simple HTML apps right into the lists. Next up is giving those apps an api to access and manage list data
Sample app I exported, import into an empty list and then click the
to run