Hello :slightly_smiling_face: Iā€™m Alexey. Found th...
# introduce-yourself
Hello šŸ™‚ Iā€™m Alexey. Found the community thru Code vs. No-Code blog post of @Jason Morris (btw, thanks, it precisely illustrates a lot from my thoughts and vision). Having 20+ years of building no-code-like tools (web CMS, UI builders, visual programming tools), now, I work on a new platform that will allow building UI applications (web and mobile) without coding by end-users. I can talk a lot about that, but the main goals I have for this new platform are: 1. No vendor lock-in. 2. Framework agnostic. 3. Real-time collaboration. 4. The best UX balance between flexibility and simplicity. Looking for likeminded people :)
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