Hey all, I'm Prithvi. I found out about this commu...
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Hey all, I'm Prithvi. I found out about this community via a HN post yesterday. There's so much interesting content in this Slack workspace, it's going to take me days to catch up! My primary work this last couple of years has been to enable non-frontend folks to build interactive software on their own. I've also built interactive visualization/analytical software in the past, and until recently was working with Leland Wilkinson (author of Grammar of Graphics) on several of these ideas. I've explored visual programming in the past, and probably most popular UI development tools/paradigms dating back to Visual Basic in the late 90s, Max/MSP, LabVIEW, etc. I work with a lot of smart folks who're not developers professionally, but use Python/R/Julia every day. A majority of them want to be able to independently experiment and develop applications that makes analytical insights from AI/ML (decision-support) more accessible to non-experts. To that end, I'm building Nitro, which offers a simple way to build web (and soon mobile/desktop) apps, trying to condense UI programming down to the simplicity of usiing
in BASIC. It's a brand new project, and time will tell if this approach will get popular. Fingers crossed :-) I'm really excited to be sharing ideas here and conversing with you.
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