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@stevekrouse (or anyone more well read on this than me), I enjoyed https://futureofcoding.org/essays/dctp.html but I got tripped up on the part I snipped below. Is there any reason why you chose to sequence the buttons instead of expanding the domain of
Like, if the buttons were presented on something like a graphic then it might be
clicks1 = button(rect1); clicks2 = button(rect2)
. Or if there were a layout engine, maybe something like
clicks1, clicks2 = stacked((a, b) → (button(a), button(b)))
. Would that also resolve the issue?
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Those solutions seem like a potentially better way to do it. I am copying the sequencing idea from two FRP lobraries for HTML: Reflex and Turbine.
So the main answer is that HTML is an ordered tree, that's why
That makes sense. Thanks!