any folks here use touchdesigner? i’ve been incred...
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any folks here use touchdesigner? i’ve been incredibly impressed by it’s notebook-like functionality embedded in a visual-programming paradigm. Of all of the node-based tools i’ve seen, imo it has done the best job at bridging the gap between text based and node based programming, while also (most impressively) embedding a fairly rigorous notion of time into the whole environment
I'm just starting to dip into it, seems ideal for managing multiple projections
Also it's developed in TO and I appreciate a strong local community for stuff like this
i’ve found it insanely powerful as a creative-experimentation tool - it really allows for a sketching/experimenting workflow that is an order of magnitude faster than anything i’ve experienced, which i attribute to a few main things • the data-flow paradigm forces me to to think in terms of inputs/outputs/interfaces up front (but lots of little UI quality of life things make doing this VERY fast) • the visual-scripting, 2D paradigm makes it easy to have a “continuum” of modularization - i can stick a bunch of nodes in their own region as a “section”, and treat them loosely as a module, but still leave them open for fast hacking. This, combined with the first point, still leaves things pretty organized and makes “on the fly” component creation very organic