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# in-san-francisco
@stevekrouse @osnr Fantastic, thanks for setting that up! I’ll be looking after my kids (12 and 5) around that time - is it OK to bring them along to play with the system, or is it not a good time to try that? (Neither of them has much programming experience, not sure if that’s a pro or con)
I can't speak to @stevekrouse's meetup plans, but Dynamicland is great for kids.
(lots of stuff to play with, and if all else fails we have craft materials & blocks & such)
Sounds like it'd be ok! The main purpose of the meetup is coversation so the only thing I'd be worried about is if they are particularly loud or unruly
They're not usually loud/unruly types, but I may also bring a couple things with screens (😱) if they're not entertained by D/land.
(plus, also happy to just take them away if they're disruptive. Please don't be afraid to tell me if they're causing problems, I don't want to ruin the meetup!)