Haha that's a reasonable idea. Take some of the wo...
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Haha that's a reasonable idea. Take some of the work off my plate and spread it around. Anyone else want to volunteer to help plan events?
what is the process/work required to plan one of these things? is it mostly looking for space?
I think @Tim R does that? So it's just telling people to order food? And ordering food. And asking for presentations.
And choosing the date, but that's not important if we go for montly meetings: just choosing the best /day/ that's the issue (First Wednesday, Last Thursday, etc)
Yeah, I think Monzo would be happy to host again 😊
How about we go for Middle Wednesday? 😄 (the nearest wednesday to the 15th)
so @Tim R can we have Wed 17th of April? 😄
(sorry for assuming Monzo liked us!)
(but then why wouldn't they, we're lovely)
and @stevekrouse I sensed you weren't keen to open the group up to the unwashed masses on meetup.com?
Wednesdays aren't ideal since we have a company-wide meeting 5–6. But we can do 615–915. I'll check if the date's available...
Oh, sorry I was kinda being cheeky. We should Poll The Users first!
Not at all! Yeah, let's see what people's appetite is for it first. There's an internally public calendar for events so it's easy for me to check whether something should work 😊
I'll let @stevekrouse weigh in before doing anything else!
Planning events, like many things, are about 10x more work than you'd think in ways you wouldn't expect. For example, for the last meetup, I had to remind a number of people multiple times to put in their food order. Or @Tim R could tell you about the dozens of conversations we had about getting the space confined at Monzo. If others wanted to volunteer to help put these on, we could split up the tasks a bit: food, programming (in the non-coding sense), venue, date. Want to start with a casual online meeting in the next week or two for those potentially interested in helping and see how it goes?
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As for using meetup.com, I'd be totally open to it. I wonder if it also allows one to specify food order
I'm not aware of food order functionality
I'm happy to take on a Meetup Committee role
I've been organiser of many meetups in my long career
And a few socials
Not to say that I wasn't crap at it, every time, mind you