Here's a <bookmarklet> to look up the <#CC2JRGVLK|...
# share-your-work
Here's a bookmarklet to look up the #introduce-yourself post(s) of anyone in this community. Slack doesn't seem to let me create Javascript links, so you'll have to create the bookmark manually:
Copy code'<'+((window.getSelection()> != '' ? window.getSelection().toString() : prompt('Please enter a name (case sensitive)')).trim().replaceAll(/[^\w_.~-]/g, '-'))+'.html');undefined
You can either select a name before clicking on the bookmarklet, or type in the name (case sensitive) after clicking on it. Some example links showing off the current escaping format: ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢
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Godfried-Willem Raes is a god.
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Apparently I forgot to introduce myself šŸ˜¬
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