I'm running a conference with a lot of FoC adjacen...
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I'm running a conference with a lot of FoC adjacent talks: https://www.hytradboi.com/ Featuring talks by many of the folks here: @tonsky @Mary Rose Cook @Dustin Getz @Tom Larkworthy @Pete Vilter @Corey @J. Ryan Stinnett @Geoffrey Litt
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I'm super stoked, this is going to be a lot of fun
I'm going to put it on my CV and everything. That makes it an official conference.
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This has been on my mind since it was announced, I'll be sure to get as involved as I can. I like the format too. I'm doing relevant research that won't be ready for the conference this time around, how might I get involved next time? What's the vibe here?
I think this puts it pretty well: Can we behave like idiots? We expect everyone to conduct themselves like the professionals you are. Also: be curious and constructive rather than cynical and dismissive, stay on topic and avoid digressions that are likely to start fights.
Knowing Jamie, he's always just been about sharing good ideas and talking about databases, so that's what I'm here for
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how might I get involved next time?
I have no idea šŸ˜„ I'm not 100% sure that there will be a next time, or if there is that it will be the same thing. I'm trying to cross-pollinate between groups that have similar ideas but are unlikely to run into each other, and I'll likely experiment with different ways of doing that. I didn't do as good a job as I was hoping of getting speakers from very different groups. Eg I had no luck finding anyone from fossil, or q, or from the weird bank-internal-software worlds.
I might have exhausted most of the contacts I have too, which would make it hard to run a repeat next year.
What kinds of research communities are you hoping to attract? I may have some connections
Mostly I just needed to put more work into cold emailing people. I had a big lull in Dec/Jan.
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So many great speakers I am so pumped and I very happy my diary is clear for the next 3 weeks so I can concentrate on the video! I think a month to shoot a video is, in general, a bit short. I wanted to start earlier but then I did not know if would be accepted so here we are. sidenote: I also have not ever been successful in guessing the acronym, I think the b is a problem :p
Huh, maybe I should have made the deadline for proposals finish earlier then.
Re: future event, I have a friend working on attempting to untangle NOAA Grib2 (https://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/docs/grib2/grib2_doc/) who I think has a similar outside perspective a la bank python
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@Tom Larkworthy Yeah, but without the B I wouldn't be able to read it as "Hyper Traditional, Boi!"
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With just a few days to go, I made this very professionally edited teaser trailer - https://www.hytradboi.com/
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@tonskyā€™s talk brings me so much joy.