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[Not moved from anywhere, original post by @Ivan Reese] We're going to record the next episode of the FoC podcast in about a week. Something new I'd like to do is read questions or other discussion prompts submitted by the audience. Then we'll probably talk about them. Would be weird if we just read them and moved on after a moment's awkward silence. Kindly DM me any questions or things you'd like us to talk about. Don't — I repeat, do not — send them to @Jimmy Miller. You mustn't. He's a real programmer, not an art school dropout. He can't be trusted with information. Best if the questions / topics are related to the FoC, the show, or Jimmy/myself as "people". But I can't and won't tie your hands. Thanks, friends!
("Disappointed by absence of Ivan's milk face" emoji)
For you, @Jack Rusher, you can have the whole video: ivanish.ca/milk