<Render: Tools for Thinking>, a 1-day conference, ...
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Render: Tools for Thinking, a 1-day conference, Wednesday, August 16, from 11:30-6pm ET. Has a really interesting lineup, including Howard Rheingold author of the book
Tools for thought
today’s tuesday, but looks really sick
Will there be recorded talks? I won't be able to make it over from Berlin tonight. 🙂
en route
yeah would be keen to watch recordings if anyone knows!?
the full 6 hour continuous recording is on this page here: https://www.betaworks.com/event/render-tools-for-thinking (scroll down a touch)
It was delightful! The long recording will be sliced into individual talks and posted shortly.
One highlight, among many: Gordon Brander and Chris Joel announced Noosphere, a “protocol for thought”: https://twitter.com/bmann/status/1559646635860185088?s=21&amp;t=9M1N9pG8bflcbroQx_49eg There's a discord and a repo.
that was definitely a highlight!
another highlight for me was watching Jerry Michalski seamlessly use TheBrain, with the ~25 years worth of nodes he's added in there, to facilitate his interviews and conversations -- including adding and enhancing connections during the sessions. It's the first time I've actually seen a mind augmentation toolset feel like and be used effectively -- en vivo -- as a second brain. I realised it takes a great level of comfort with the... limb... to use it with the fluidity required to feel truly augmented