07/30/2022, 4:25 PM
Hey folks! I'm alex πŸ‘‹ im an engineer & designer who up until recently was working on end-user-programming type stuff at Airtable in the form of interface designer and before that their scripting tools and extension platform. I quit my job to take a bit of a break at the start of July though so now i'm happily unemployed πŸ˜„. my interest in FOC type stuff grew out of exploring ways to teach programming (a very long time ago i started, but since then has evolved into a general sort of interest in what programming actually is and why, and what it might look like if more people could engage with computation more on their own terms than they do now. right now im trying not to think about computers because "taking a break" but i am anyway πŸ’€ im based in london, if you are too say hi at the next meetup ☺️