dustin senos

07/26/2022, 11:46 PM
Hi h! I’m Dustin. After watching a few early 90s product demos on Jack Rusher’s Twitter, I found out about this Slack group. I’m endlessly curious about how we shape the tools we use and how the tools shape us. Following this curiosity introduced me to engineering and design. Work-wise, I’ve held various engineering and design roles: I worked at Walt Disney as a Software Engineer building the game engine for Club Penguin (RIP Flash), led the design team for the initial launch of Medium, and most recently, I’m surrounded by a group of very talented and creative folks building a new web browser called Arc. Some recent work I’m proud of was exploring a playful UI to choose a color — Excited that this community exists. Excited to share ideas and learn from all of you👋


07/27/2022, 2:18 AM
Signed up for the waitlist! Stoked to see evolution in a space that feels like its gotten a bit stuck. I feel like there is so much we have learned in the last 5 years that could play so well in the browser (and search!) spaces and I’m excited to see what y’all are trying/playing with.

Jack Rusher

07/27/2022, 7:31 AM
Also signed up, would be quite interested to see better browsers 🙂

Rodrigo Tello

07/27/2022, 1:11 PM
Welcome Dustin. I've been a big follower of your work. Arc user here.

dustin senos

07/27/2022, 4:03 PM
thank ya’ll for the kind words! appreciate you giving Arc a go, too.
@yeT — totally agree. What we use browsers for has dramatically shifted in the last decade but browsers have remained ~ mostly ~ the same. So far a really fun challenge to consider a browser from the ground-up!

Konrad Hinsen

07/29/2022, 9:39 AM
I just signed up as well, but I guess having outed myself as a Linux user puts me on a more long-term waiting list. BTW, there's another attempt to redesign the browser experience that I am aware of (an playing with): Nyxt. Probably aiming at a different user group than you, but maybe worth a look at for inspiration.

dustin senos

07/29/2022, 4:56 PM
thank you for signing up! we have a couple linux users on the team! But you are correct, will be a longer wait for Linux!
thanks for sharing, Nyxt! Will check it out

Garth Goldwater

07/31/2022, 1:53 AM
im pretty obsessed with this space and have arc set as my default browser for the moment (have been following since early on)—particularly interested in the overlap between tabs/bookmarks/history and notes/personal wikis. also really into spyglass, which is a really interesting take on search, and the (now-hibernating/defunct) beaker browser (which im guessing you've heard of?)

dustin senos

07/31/2022, 8:11 PM
@Garth Goldwater thank you for using Arc as default! I appreciate it! I have looked so many browsers but never came across beaker! will check it out, thank you!

Garth Goldwater

07/31/2022, 8:13 PM
oh ok! I think this is the best intro to beaker’s motivations: