# administrivia

Guyren Howe

02/12/2024, 3:40 AM
Can we get a subtitle with the purpose of each channel. I posted something in #thinking-together, but I wasn’t sure that was the right place. What’s #present-company for, exactly, for example?

Ivan Reese

02/12/2024, 3:44 AM
Yeah, Slack makes this harder than it ought to be. If you're on mobile, tap the name of the channel to see the topic and description. If you're on desktop, the topic is visible at the top, and you can click the channel name to see the description. We also have a Member Handbook. Every new member joining the slack should be sent a message explaining that this handbook describes how we use slack — and you'll find detailed channel descriptions on that page. Hope that helps!

Duncan Cragg

02/12/2024, 10:41 PM
I see @jonathoda just posted in #present-company a post that seems diametrically opposed to the channel's intent. I accidentally restarted the thread in #linking-together, but had doubts about that at the time. Maybe we should all post to #general 🤣

Ivan Reese

02/13/2024, 12:09 AM
#present-company is the #general channel. Jonathan reached out to me asking where to post, and I suggested either #linking-together or #present-company. 🤷