# share-your-work

Mariano Guerra

01/17/2024, 4:35 PM
I recorded a short demo showing the latest plugins and improvements I've been working on in gloodata.

Gloodata: Your Personal Productivity Assistant

The demo shows timezone information, weather forecast, maps, routes, content extraction and summarisation plugins.

Ivan Reese

01/17/2024, 7:20 PM
Some thoughts in order they occurred: • It's exciting that this shows you doing a lot of stuff that would normally require different apps all happening in the same place. • But if you squint a bit, it's like gloodata : plugins :: OS : apps. What's the big deal? • Well, the big deal would be if the stuff you were doing jumped across the boundaries of plugins in ways that you can't jump across the boundaries between apps. That's totally possible already in Gloodata (I've seen you do it in the past), it's just not so clear to see from a video like this. • I wonder what sort of plugins could exist that would be impossible in the traditional app world. • The video shows you working quickly, to demonstrate a lot of capability in a short time. But that, for some reason (perhaps amplified by the chat / log-like interface) makes me feel like the work happening in Gloodata is ephemeral / temporary / throwaway, like a napkin sketch. This makes me feel like it's not for doing important work. That makes me feel less inclined to check it out. • Taking both the above together, it feels like there's a 4-quadrant grid where "commonplace - impossible in apps" is on one axis, and "menial - masterpiece" is on the other axis. I'm very interested in stuff that would go in the opposite corner from where Gloodata currently resides (judging purely from the video).

Mariano Guerra

01/17/2024, 7:38 PM
there are some "economies of scale" that happen when all the plugins are under the same thing, for example the timezone plugin uses google map's geocoding to find the timezone of the place description, the weather plugin does the same, any plugin can get content extraction and summary for free, also geolocation and geocoding
I could do a thing where you have a button in your map to get the weather and timezone "from this place"
or the reverse, geocode locations from the article summary
that's a deal of having it all together
the other is the amount of code and effort it takes to build each and how they compose and feed from each other

Joshua Horowitz

01/20/2024, 1:59 AM
I’ll second @Ivan Reese’s comments – I’d love to see a demo video that shows some of the possibilities you’re talking about, since they’re not visible yet.

Daniel Garcia

01/20/2024, 8:07 PM
Really cool! I think it will be great to explore alternative interfaces to the classic linear chat. For example: • Being able to split the screen while having to wait for the summary of things to do, or to reference 2 answers at the same time. • Instead of treating answers as immutable, you could get the directions in the same map that you already have Excited to see your future work on Gloodata

Mariano Guerra

01/20/2024, 8:09 PM
I would love to play with different layouts but I'm amazed at how little you can fit in a retina display using safari, don't know what it does and don't know if it's a good practice to reset it to something more compact