<Polygon>: A spatial approach to sequencing musica...
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Polygon: A spatial approach to sequencing musical rhythms Inspired by Bret Victor's lectures and some of the cool stuff i've seen on here, I made a drum sequencer where the relative positions of nodes determines the spaces between notes in a pattern.
This is loads of fun! I find the interface quite intuitive — I was able to create something I almost loved and I knew exactly what to change to make improvements. I can imagine a few things I'd add/change to make it more useful (to me) as a compositional tool, but it's already super promising.
Thanks very much. If you're enjoying it, I'd love to hear some more feedback. What features would you like to see added to it?
love it!!!!!
There are lots of little bugs that I hit, which I'd be happy to report on. One thing I'd like is some way to click on a node and have playback restart from there. If I make a rhythm that has a really nice groove, I might be inclined to feel the "1" at a certain spot. And while it's possible to switch to feeling the "1" somewhere else, that's often tricky to do. Being able to click nodes (or something) would help me reset my internal sense of the rhythm and feel it different ways. I could also make an argument for adding silent nodes. (If the volume had upper/lower limits instead of wrapping around, I could just make a node and turn it to 0 volume).
I'm not sure what your goals for this project are — whether it's just something you made for fun or for more serious use — so feel free to ignore my suggestions if they wouldn't align with your goals.
Really fun! I got stuck for a bit after putting down a node and toying with it but it clicked immediately after I put a second one. The order of nodes in the polygon changes sometimes when I'm moving a node around, some way to "freeze" a polygon might be nice. Sequencing two notes together (for example a hihat and a kick at the same time) would be pretty useful.
Yes lovely work! A lot of fun to explore. I didn't hit any bugs in firefox on linux. Loved how the timing feels accurate but it affords making really fluid grooves away from the grid.. But then using the circles as a guide (I found I didn't need the crosshair) I could easily make a solid 4/4 beat, then mess it up pleasingly by moving one of the beats in/out. The accurate timing meant I could put a few sounds really close together in the middle and go in and out of the sound domain by moving them in and out, making some really nice textures.
fun!! wondering if encoding the setup in the URL would help share sequences, which then would also enable loading pre-existing examples so we can get a good idea of what a nice sequence setup looks like (to help get started the first time)