# of-ai

Josh Bleecher Snyder

01/12/2024, 10:28 PM
Not sure whether this is quite on topic for FoC, but I made a toy and I'm pleased with it. I was inspired by Dasher, which uses the low entropy of natural language to make it possible to enter text using only a 1-dimensional input device. The core idea is to make the most likely next input take up a lot of space and thus make it easy to reach. Most interactions we have with a computer involve low entropy input. With (1) good models, and (2) a lossy encoding/decoding model that is easy for humans to use, you should be able to get away with entering a lot less. For code, LLMs are pretty powerful models. And fuzzy matching is a pretty easy-to-use lossy encoding model. So I made this:


Kartik Agaram

01/13/2024, 1:38 AM
Pretty colored balls are pretty much on topic in any channel here 🙂