# present-company

Eli Mellen

12/03/2023, 11:15 PM
The most recent episode of the Array Cast podcast has a really interesting conversation with the author of this post about "rainbow arrays," including a prolonged discussion around ways to make array programming more intuitive through ... visual programming! The conversations hits on a lot of the sorta thing that float around in this here slack. It was very pleasant to listen to such a direct crossover between the only 2 tech podcasts I listen to 😆
The episode also made clear for me why I don't like syntax highlighting, which is that for me it communicates the wrong sort of information. I'm not interested in knowing that a thing is a function call vs a constant or whatever. The semantics of the language do that enough, what I want is to know that this variable, X, is referenced by these 11 other things -- sort of how in DrRacket, the IDE for Racket, you get cute arrows pointing to every instance of some thing, or reference chains.

Ivan Reese

12/04/2023, 5:12 AM
I've never heard of this podcast before. It's super enjoyable! Their desire for richer forms of expression and visual communication really speaks to me, ofc. I also feel like I'm gaining a new appreciation for array langs. Thanks for the rec!

Eli Mellen

12/04/2023, 10:48 AM
Many episodes end up being discussions about what array programming system has a better notational semantics for a given problem, which I always view through the lens of the future of coding as being discussions of a desire for richer, more densely informational representations of a program and its state. I’ve also been struck by the richness of various array programming systems, many feature or center the developer experience in unexpected ways. Two examples of that are the dyalog apl ide, ride which is hands down the most fun ide I’ve experienced. And then uiua that supports audio and visual output as first class tools, it’s as easy to output to stdout as it is to an image or an audio sample.