So I’ve been on an idea for the last little bit. I...
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So I’ve been on an idea for the last little bit. If you follow me on fedi, you might have seen what I’m talking about. The idea is basically this: a conference, in some form, based around the idea of “what we could have”, i.e. alternative visions for what computing or infrastructure or whatever could be, with a green, open source, demo focused bent. Now I have no clue how to organize anything like that, so I’m asking for y’all’s help! Do you know people? Have ideas of how to get funding? Have a talk/workshop/whatever idea? Please reach out to me!
Lovely idea! I think the problem is that radical green tech themes aren't really compatible with people flying from around the world to meet together, but I think alternatives have got a bad name during the pandemic due to a large number of events 'moving online' while being somewhat incompatible with that way of communicating/interacting. Do you already have an idea about what form the conference could take from that perspective?
I've organised a lot of conferences, festivals and online events and am still grappling with this problem..
Drake Meme: • conference 👎 • online journal that people submit papers, and multimedia presentations to 👍
I'm thinking about some sort of "journal" attached to a "federated conference" sort of thing! I really love how Hack Club runs their clubs, where they provide toolkits and software and resources for local groups to run a club, and i feel a fedi-conf could do something like that, with presentations running online, and a sort of local "hallway track"
It's not perfect, but I do like pubpub as an open publishing platform that gets beyond pdfs.
For our online workshops we like to send nice food in the post for people to eat together, themed around the workshop topic
The idea of a 'hybrid' event that emerged through the pandemic doesn't really work I think. Hub-based models that were being developed pre-pandemic, motivated by the climate emergency, are more successful but seem to have been derailed by the pandemic