Anyone know of anyone in the UK or anything online...
# present-company
Anyone know of anyone in the UK or anything online for creating a short promo animation video? I could narrate it myself, but hate the sound of my own voice, so maybe not. Either someone who does it in their sleep and can help me for a fee maybe, or some really really good software. I need to animate shapes doing things in a cartoony way, with sound effects. Quite 3D-ish probably. 🤗 Budget sub-$1000. Running time 1-2m
@Ivan Reese is this the right channel for that request?
a) check out Descript’s discord “for-hire” channel b) check out - a song cowriter got a good video made inexpensively c) maybe look into Descript’s stock AI voices and “overdub”. I’m definitely into DIY, but, YMMV. If I hated the sound of my own voice, but wanted to put the video together myself, I would use Kinopio to rough-in a script, ChatGPT to flesh out the script and Descript’s stock voices to read my script over screenshots/video/Powerpoint. Again, this is the way that I think of DIYing a video, but, if you want to hire out, this doesn’t apply.
Wow, thanks, Paul 😮 ... amazing, much appreciated