<I’m excited to see where this 3rd party screen-re...
# linking-together
I’m excited to see where this 3rd party screen-reader for macOS goes. On windows there are 2 first-in-class options available outside of the OS, JAWS and NVDA. On macOS there is only the system provided VoiceOver. I think VoiceOver is a pretty solid competitor to NVDA, but, it is very very very opinionated, and makes some unusual choices. I think this has a knock on effect where, since VoiceOver is the easiest screen-reader for most web devs to reach for, a lot of implementations end up being hyper-focused on supporting VoiceOver’s specific flavor of handling the accessibility tree. Having more diversity in the space, I think could hopefully mitigate this. While this isn’t directly related to the future of coding as we normally talk about it here, I think projects like this are just the sort of thing that can help to shape things for years to come.