Hah, hare isn't super "future of coding", but it's...
# linking-together
Hah, hare isn't super "future of coding", but it's an interesting language, so if anyone has a podcast, drew wants to be on it! https://drewdevault.com/2023/11/09/Can-I-be-on-your-podcast.html
Sadly I don't have a podcast — I have a radio opera with a fixed cast of exactly two people. Exactly two people.
Me too :/
Cool project though, and it seems very future of codingy to me!
yeah! Hare is fun, and I really appreciate their dedication to not supporting proprietary OSs
I do see a "Future of coding" aspect in this post. It's about ecologically responsible advertising, which I'd love to see other techies adopt.
Also interesting: "Hare aims to become a 100-year programming language" https://harelang.org/blog/2023-11-08-100-year-language/ "This approach to innovation, and our near-rejection of it as a goal, is innovative in and of itself." Interesting wu-wei vibes. Wondering what the permacomputing people think about this language (which, from a technical point of view, seems to be as boring as its authors claim it to be).