Hi, the last month I've been focussing a lot on fi...
# devlog-together
Hi, the last month I've been focussing a lot on fixing some bugs in the way nodes are connected and improving the different path types that are used. This small demo video


shows creating a very small flow from scratch, the functionality of the flow is not important here.. but the thing I wanted to show is the way a "backloop" is created. The system uses a different svg path for backloops: normal nodes are connected using a bezier curve but when the output node is placed before the start node, the path changes to a "back-loop". Another thing to notice is the layering.. the back-loop is placed on its own layer, hopefully keeping bigger flows more clear. You can toggle which layer is in front.
Ah cool! I delight in seeing the choices you're making as you evolve this, given that we're both working on node-wire interfaces. (For example, you're creating different types of path automatically based on situation, whereas I make the user draw their own path.) As always, I'm excited to see where this goes.
Thanks! I hope that I can put a demo online "soonish" and let you and others try it out 😊 . I also want to give user more control over the control points of the curves and paths (or even the complete path), but for now that isn't of the highest priority for my project although I also like that freedom 😎