Has anyone else been watching Dusk OS dev take place? I subscribe to the git commits in my RSS reader and watching the progress made on this project in real time is a pretty wild experience. I think some folks around here may find the “almost C” compiler implemented in forth interesting.
I'm on the mailing list, but hadn't thought of following https://sr.ht/~vdupras/duskos/feed.rss. I'll try it 👍🏼
Oh yeah! I've been on the mailing list since before it existed, it's super super cool. Have you tried to run it yet? It's suprisingly easy!
Yeah! It’s one of my favorite forths alongside UF for uxn and RetroForth, which is like “what if colorforth and joy but so smol”
colorforth is sick, I need to write more of it! It's such a cool idea to use that extra modality
I appreciate that the author of this work agrees with me about FORTH:
Forth is hard to read. Maybe you can create abstractions to make it easier to read, but it’s going to cost you in terms of simplicity and at some point it becomes self-defeating: maybe the language you’re after isn’t Forth.
I think it’s inherent to Forth, reading it simply requires a much higher cognitive load because you have to hold a lot more information into your head as you read along. It’s exhausting for the mind (but you get better at it after a while). It is also slower. Accept it or you’re going to have a bad time.
(FWIW, I do find this work to be compelling in the context of its intended use – maintaining use of electronics after widespread economic collapse.)