I have an ethical question for the moderators. Ho...
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I have an ethical question for the moderators. How do you feel about the pirating of out of print books full of academic papers by dead people? There is a book I would like to recommend, but literally the only way to get it is through an online pirate library. At the time I write this, there are exactly zero copies for sale on the used book sites. (And my printed copy isn't for sale!) Am I promoting unethical behavior if I recommend such a book?
I don’t think it’s a problem personally. It is a shame that this kind of information gets locked away. Nobody is benefitting from that.
I have no opposition to piracy. I think the likelihood of harm from posting such a link here is minimal. Go for it!
No disagreement, I would just be surprised if the authors are indeed dead. Also, academics usually don't make money with papers anyway.
This could be of use if you want a physical copy? https://laniakeabooks.org