I've been "building" an "instrument". Thanks to so...
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I've been "building" an "instrument". Thanks to some samples from @Ivan Reese.
Ah that's nifty! IIRC that's wrapped in a native Android app right, not a webapp? Wondering if I can play with it.
The app is LÖVE, which is technically available everywhere. It's like the VM that allows my scripts to be write-once-run-anywhere. But there are still catches in running the VM on iOS in particular. It should work pretty painlessly anywhere else, though.
Let me cross-post here the links I sent you on Mastodon. To recreate the above you need: 1. To install LÖVE from https://love2d.org for your platform (really just Android or iOS since we're talking multitouch in this post.) 2. Download a special build of MiniIDE (https://love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=94852) containing Ivan's samples: https://akkartik.name/instrument-20230925.love 3. Load up this 70-line starter script: https://akkartik.name/instrument-20230925 and hit 'Run'. One of those 70 lines contains 'ivanish', and I've been playing with that line by varying the sample. (Unfortunately there isn't a way to browse the list, so you have to look inside the zip file at https://mastodon.social/@spiralganglion/111127872267559739)
Oh, here the instructions for building and installing LÖVE for yourself on iOS: https://love2d.org/wiki/Getting_Started#iOS Non-trivial but by no means impossible. I know several people who've successfully used these instructions.
Call me crazy, but there's some there, there. If it was easier to install, I would play with that. Making me want to use it for absolutely no reason is like a really good sign.
I feel like we're going to need a #future-of-music channel. Ivan is polluting us.