Hi, I am working on a visual programming system to...
# devlog-together
Hi, I am working on a visual programming system to allow for combining multiple visual programming paradigms and not just flow-based-progamming. Finally I've made enough progress to my project to make a small video of it again:


. In the video you see a very simple statechart for a traffic light including the visualisation and other needed logic (it also has timers, gates, splitters, a html-node with support for expression-script and a bit more). The traffic light also shows a countdown when the light is red and will countdown to 0 and show a green light again.. all still very simple offcourse. In the video you can see that the running of the flow is also being shown by those animated elements which move through the flow... since I want to prevent "spaghetti", I've created some node-types that allow for triggering other nodes without having a physical connection. Currently it's not clearly visible (except by text) which nodes are invisibly connected to what node, but I have some ideas on how to improve that. But that's for another video. The upcoming months I want to focus on improving the UI, interaction and fix bugs to be able to put this online somewhere so it can be tried out and I hopefully can collect some feedback. Greetings, Maikel