Some personal news: I just released my first new s...
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Some personal news: I just released my first new song in 9 years. You can listen to it here. Can I find a way to make this even vaguely relevant to you, members of the FoC community, other than merely the personal connection we share? Why yes! It's a song about meaning and interpretation, things that I love thinking about when programming and detest thinking about when creative writing. I had to pick some subject, thus: what's something wryly confrontational I can say to all my programmer friends? Don't do math! Stop it. Don't think about it. Don't look for meaning. Stop formalizing, stop proving. Stop saying "easy to reason about". For those who enjoy this sort of thing, the song is also loaded with music-math "jokes" — collect them all! Microtones, time signature changes, polyrhythm, polymeter, isometer, hocketing, … I even count-in at the beginning (and yes, the first bar comes in waaay early). Enjoy.
fuck that's good
Its nice thats theres a strong overlap here of people making experimental music. I got touches of new radiohead (mostly in the voice & some orchestral bits) & moondog among the endless layers, very nice :)
Great stuff! And I appreciate that you included a list of instruments so I could resolve my questions (e.g. melodica or bandeon?).
Very nice. I'm a sucker for weird time signatures. My son played a song for me yesterday and said "dad you'll like this." It started in 11/4, with the last beat of each bar completely silent. 😂