# linking-together


08/26/2023, 8:55 PM
Meh, my take is more like:
Developer tools seemed like a good industry to be in, and we had a good business selling shovels, but the VCs weren't getting rich enough, so then when we tried leasing shovels to them with a tether attached that would yank it out of their hands and collapse all the holes they'd previously dug with it if they ever stop paying us... and turns out people who specialize in building tools have options as to where they get their tools

Jarno Montonen

08/27/2023, 7:38 AM
One time fee for something that has to work in an ever changing environment, so be constantly adjusted and improved, or have any customer support, is never good business. Actually, it's completely unsustainable business. On the other hand, paying 1% of the cost of a work hour for something that improves productivity by 2% gives you massive 100% ROI. A complete no-brainer. With price of a software development hour being ~100$, monthly cost of say 160$ per month for a tool that improves your productivity by 2% is an exceptional deal. Rationally thinking. Now the problem is that not a lot of people are all that rational. In addition to the difficulty of defining and measuring productivity.