Has anyone spent time with <kamilalisp>? I've spe...
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Has anyone spent time with kamilalisp? I've spent the last week or so exploring it, and it keeps blowing my mind.
At first I thought it was a joke, because maybe IMTA? But, I saw this snippet from its README and was like, so everything?
KamilaLisp allows for actor programming, concurrent programming, imperative programming, functional programming, array programming, pure functional programming, object-oriented programming, rudimentary logic programming, mathematical programming, backend development, numerical and scientific computation, scripting and system administration, symbolic computation (real and complex analysis), tacit (point-free) programming, concurrent programming and event-driven programming.
Created by a 19 year old!?
right!? everything about this makes me feel totally inept.
but also in awe — I love how it empowers you to think for a problem space, so, rather than “solve this the APL way,” vs “solve this the functional way” or “solve this the OO way” you can ask “what way of the ways at hand makes most sense for this bit?” — I’m used to making those choices at the language-level, e.g. “given this problem, I reach for X language” but here I can hand a tacit function working on a matrix off to an object!? 👨‍🍳
Looks like someone is having fun.