# linking-together

Florian Schulz

07/21/2023, 7:06 AM
Interactive music programming that fits in one view. There’s something intriguing about being able to see the full system and not needing to switch between windows. Organized clutter? Stable complexity?

Nilesh Trivedi

07/21/2023, 9:47 AM
💯 Information density and Information hierarchy can and should co-exist.

greg kavanagh

07/21/2023, 11:48 AM
Usually when mixing music I tend to focus on one element at a time. So if I was focused on bass I like to just see the bass eq, comp etc.. and then I usually sculpt the sound with eyes closed to allow more brain power to shift to the auditory system. That UI would drive me insane as every time I looked back I’d be lost. I also think it might affect the final product..

Ivan Reese

07/21/2023, 8:05 PM
@Chris Maughan This might appeal to you.

Chris Maughan

07/24/2023, 12:07 PM
Thanks @Ivan Reese Yeah, my kind of thing. But are you implying my UIs are always crazy like this?? 😁