Eli Mellen

07/19/2023, 7:42 PM
The 9th issue of Computational Culture just dropped.
As always, Computational Culture serves as a transdisciplinary forum for the development of Software Studies—a field that is growing and transforming. In this issue, there is much evidence of this process, with diverse contributions from multiple locations, using varied conceptual tools, and interacting with a wide array of broader concerns and debates.

Joshua Horowitz

07/20/2023, 3:38 AM
Thanks for the link! I read the SICP review. It was thought-provoking – I don’t think about SICP world much these days! – though I wish it went deeper. In particular, I’d like to see critique of the metalinguistic approach to computing education… For which learners is a metalinguistic focus actually useful?
Any articles you’d recommend, @Eli Mellen?

Eli Mellen

07/20/2023, 1:12 PM
I haven’t dug in to this one, yet!