Some reasons to make WebAssembly from the Ground U...
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Some reasons to make WebAssembly from the Ground Up a digital first book: 1. Code highlight on hover 2. Interactive WebAssembly binary module inspector with "hexdump" and outline views 3. Copy code snippets as you go or "Copy up to here" on checkpoints 4. Open checkpoints in Stackblitz, run tests and play with the code 5. An interactive Wasm interpreter with builtin spec instruction reference (GIF in replies, can't attach after creation)
wasm interactive interpreter:
Wow this is really cool. How did you define the mapping between the comment & the code in 1?
@Marcelle Rusu (they/them)
Oh so this is parts of your digital book "WebAssembly from the Ground Up" ?
all of them are 🙂
Very cool, wish all technical books were like this
So does "digital first" mean not digital only and we can expect an official offline version of some sort? Don't get me wrong, the interactive stuff is cool and well done and was the first thing I looked at when I opened it up... But realistically the second thing I did was figure out how to munge the dom/css/js to make it format nicely to convert to PDF for reading on an offline eink screen. 🤐
Seconding that - the only way I can read anything with a narrative flow is to take it to a zero-distraction device or paper.
once we have the final version we will try to make a "static" version, if it's still useful we may release it
probably will get a static version out for everyone who bought it to avoid the bus hitting the domain factor 😄
This is really amazing
I love the interactive interpreter, I first though was I need something like this for my language. But I guess if I choose web assembly as a target then I already have this as an interactive interpreter for my language