(I shared a very early version of Magnet when it w...
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(I shared a very early version of Magnet when it was just a Mac Desktop app - but now it fully runs on the web) We just shipped a web version of 🧲 Magnet https://magnet.run - an AI coding assistant. The sign ups are growing pretty quickly and there’s a lot of love from the early users. We think you’ll like it too. It’s free to use if you put in your own OpenAI API key, and over time we’ll charge for more advanced features like integrations and access to the latest unreleased models. If you’re using ChatGPT to help with coding tasks, and finding yourself copying and pasting, Magnet is similar, but built specifically for working with code. You can open local code repos, connect GitHub issues, and pick files and issues as context of for the task at hand. Try it at: https://magnet.run https://www.loom.com/share/3c5563abb08c454fabfa51ba8fcce139?sid=685cd391-86d1-49ee-ae7a-8b1dc9e9afc1 There are lots of interesting future of programming explorations we’re thinking about in the context of Magnet, and hoping to write more about it soon. Would love feedback from folks / suggestions on what you would like us to build next!
Also, we’re hiring for both full-time and contracting roles - so please feel free to DM me if you are curious about working on new AI coding assistants like Magnet :)