Josh Justice

07/18/2023, 2:48 PM
Content warning on language on this one. But it’s a meme that really hits on my FoC sensibilities 🧵
(Admins, if the language isn’t okay even behind this warning, please let me know and I’d be happy to delete)

Jack Rusher

07/18/2023, 3:16 PM
I think the content warning would make more sense if the language was, like, MATLAB

Joe Grossberg

07/18/2023, 3:17 PM
IMO the warning is sufficient.

Eli Mellen

07/18/2023, 3:42 PM
I thought Jimmy was the only one who couldn’t curse?

Kartik Agaram

07/18/2023, 9:43 PM
"I can't guess what you want? But.. but.. then how would I do what I want?!"

Ivan Reese

07/18/2023, 10:40 PM
Strongly considered language is fine in the slack. The podcast feed is like 98% clean (and 2% South Park) because that makes the algorithm do what I want.