Hi everyone! We've got a wave of new members, so I...
# announcements
Hi everyone! We've got a wave of new members, so I wanted to share a quick refresher about some our community legalisms norms. The motivation here (as outlined in the handbook, but tl;dr) is that we use a bunch of special tools that build atop Slack, which help us refer back to past discussions that are of lasting interest. The less scattered our discussions are, the better. From the Member Handbook:
To start a discussion, act as though you’re creating a forum post or blog post. Prepare what you want to say in its entirety, including any links, and then submit it all in a single message. Don’t send multiple messages in a row.
When you want to respond to someone’s post, always use threaded replies.
• On desktop: hover over a message, and in the popover menu at the top right of the message choose “Reply to thread”.
• On mobile: tap a message to open the thread view.
If you post several messages in a row, or post something to the top level that should be a reply, I'll usually delete the errant post and message you about it so that you can repost it in the right way/place, or I'll just repost it myself and tag you as the original author. That's annoying, though, so… 🎵 please take care to be aware how you share 🎶 Thanks y'all!
it minimizes my work when doing the newsletter so thanks in advance!
Thanks for calling it out, I definitely missed that when joining.
This is the way.